The Serious Bit

Thanks for sticking with me over the last eleven weeks – people’s comments have made a real difference especially during the tougher early days. As mentioned elsewhere I’m doing the walk in aid of Greenwich and Bexley Hospice. Money given to these charities has a massive and direct impact on people’s lives. I had first hand experience of this four years ago this week when my Grandmother was admitted to the hospice after an unsuccessful operation to treat stomach cancer.

Unfortunately by the time she got to the hospice she had suffered a debilitating stroke in the hospital and couldn’t fully appreciate the amazing care she received. If the hospice had been able to admit her even a few days earlier it would have made a massive difference to her quality of life. Afterwards I was shocked to discover that such vital services are actually charities and dependant on donations.

Thanks to everybody who has already given money. I know there’s a few people who are waiting until I get to the end to donate (the way sponsorship used to work!), if that’s you then now would be a great time to do it. I’m less than one week away – I’m not going to let anything stop me now, not even losing the use of my legs!

Even if you have already donated money or intend to soon there are other ways you can help. I only had a couple of months to organize my trip and thus little time to publicise it; if there is anybody or any organisation you know of who you think would be interested in donating to this important cause then please forward my details onto them (the address to donate money to is brendancusworthbolger).  There’s also a link above.

This wouldreally make a real difference to countless people’s lives. End of serious bit!!!

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