LEJOG60: Dingwall to Alness

Tuesday’s walk was quite short at only 9 miles, less than half the preceeding day. There was a logistical logic behind this, although I won’t bore anyone with the details. In the end we probably spent as much time putting down and setting up ‘base camp’ (as we had started to call it) at a new campsite that day as we did actual walking, but seeing as we were going to be there for at least three nights it seemed a worthwhile effort.

That day’s route passed through more country roads running alongside, but out of sight of, the A9. It was absolutely boiling (as I gather was the rest of the country), so it was probably a good thing that we weren’t walking very far as Jenna found it a bit of a struggle.

Once we got to Alness we picked up the car and made our way to our new campsite, which was a bit of a mixed bag. It was situated on the Dornoch Firth which is good because it’s a ‘National Scenic Area’, but also next to the A9 which isn’t so good because it’s a big road. The owner was really friendly and gave us lots of advice, which was great because Jenna didn’t fancy another day walking with me (once was enough apparently). The site was a long rectangular shape with tent pitches down the bottom end with their own picnic benches that we nabbed which was great because they were really seperate and made us feel like we had our own little field to ourselves. Unfortunately within half an hour we worked out that this little field was penned in by a train line on one side and a road on the other. The road wasn’t super busy but cars did roar down it at quite a lick. However, they were nowhere near as fast as the trains which made the tents rattle.

The weather was lovely but we were invaded by flies who swarmed around the car, then Jenna, then the larder tent (a reappropiated and domesticated Hilly) and then the sleeping tent. This made our resting spot half ideal and half hell, but we decided to focus on the ideal aspects and stick with it for the moment. This was going to be our home for a little while yet.


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