LEJOG58: Fort Augustus to Drumnadrochit

Apologies for the delay, predictably just after I claimed that posts in the last week would be far more regular! Me all-bloody-over that is. Also apologies for not ‘approving’ people’s comments, I have read and enjoyed them as emails but not yet been on the website to put them online.

This days walk on last Saturday was a long one, just over twenty miles. The weather was cloudy and muggy and the route spent most of the time on forest tracks. It was a lot more up and down than on previous days as the path worked it’s way to the tops of the hills running alongside the loch, back down again, up again, down again etc. It was frustrating and tiring and you didn’t even have the compensation of a view as for most of the time trees blocked your view. Every now and again the trees would clear and suddenly I could see the Loch and opposite hills spread out in front of me, which was spectacular but too infrequent. ThE amazing view of the loch I had received at the end of yesterday was not to be repeatedly and i started to wonder whether id get a better view if o was walking on the road below. The miles dragged and I soon realised that today was not going to be a quick day, increasing my sense of tiredness. This was my tenth day in a row and I was looking forward to a bit of a rest.

One interesting element of the day was that I could start to see more of the new forests that were being planted, forests that included a greater mix of indigineous trees rather than the foreign imports which has been planted about thirty years ago. They weren’t as densely packed and had more healthy looking moss on the ground. My favouite was the trees which were covered in tufts of light green fur. They looked spooky and magical with long spindelly branches sticking out at perfect right angles to the trunk as if they were dramatically pointing an accusing finger at passerbys.

The cloud started to clear in the afternoon producing a hot sun in the sky whose heat was additionally being reflected at me from the ground by the large grey gravel chips which make up the forest tracks. By the time I climbed out of the forest it was a fantastic afternoon, and I wound my way down the otherside of the hills into a lovely landcape of green fields, long hills and pine forests until it led me straight to my campsite where I collapsed into the grass and waited for my ‘support team’ to arrive.

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