LEJOG47: Innerleithen to West Linton

The morning consisted of a long but pleasant road walk to Peebles. There was am alternate route partially through a forest but I didn’t see the point as it was as long as the road and ended up back on the road. There would be no view because I’d be surrounded by forest, and every likelihood of getting lost due to scotlands paultry footpath signage.

I didn’t walk through Peebles but stopes for a pork pie break where the river twead ran through it. It was very picturesque, sitting next to an iron foot bridge and overlooked by a small old town with it’s tiled rooves and church steeple. Leaving Peebles took me up to the Meldon hills, a lovely set of green and yellow big hills that I was meant to climb further up but decided to short cut due to feelings of tiredness. It was a shame because I’m sure the view would have been spectacular, but the lack of any clear footpaths made me concerned that I might lose my way.

This fear was realised a couple of hours later when I made a complete hash of coming down the side of a moor and almost sprained my ankle by walking on the slippery remains of a stone wall which I didn’t need to be on anyway. I realise that overall it’s better to have open access on most land, as they do in Scotland, but it does mean that there aren’t little green dashed right-of-way lines to guide you everywhere. Too much freedom just seems to get me lost (which im sure is a analogy for other areas of my life as well).

I eventually made it to West Linton after almost an hour of roadwalking. It was a lovely little village which had some bizarre local tradition involving somebody being choosen to be the ‘whipman’ every year, and homes and shops creating displays and posters dedicated to this containing bizarre injokes that were indiscipherable to anybody from half a mile outside of the village. This village also had a co-op, independent bookshop, pub and restuarant and was surrounded by lovely hills. I liked it, and would put it top of my list of potential places to live I it hadn’t been in Scotland (due to distance from friends and family, not because I dislike the country!).

I got settled into the B&B and had dinner in the local pub. It was still early when I finished eating and instead of going back to my room and catching up on my blog (which was getting very, very behind) I took a stroll out into the fields and watched the sun set over the hills, the birds zip about close to the ground, the horses lie down in fields covered in a yellow mist of buttercups, and the hairy highland cattle come stand and stare at me. I just let in all soak in, and allowed myself to feel and do nothing at all. It was bliss, and I realised I hadn’t been doing enough nothing so far on this trip.

Of course, this is another reason why these posts are so delayed!

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