LEJOG46: Melrose to Innerleithen

It took a while to get out of the sub-industrial landscape surrounding Melrose and back into the countryside. Once I did I started to notice lots of people engaged in very outdoor-sy activities. Cycling, running, kayaking, everybody was out and making good use of the landscape and the weather.

After passing what appeared to be a kayak gala underneath a bridge over the river tweed I made my way up through hot pine plantations. There were lots of patches of recently felled trees, giving it a very harsh and barren feel in places. However once I reached the top (passing a group of school kids on an orienteering course) I was in for a treat. Big hills, stretched out all around, stacked up one after another after another. The hills were definitely getting greener the more north I went, still covered in heather but also grass as well. The track was pretty easy and I bobbed along happily. The rain came and went, more pine plantations came and went, but I continued on.

I descended down into Traquair were my day officially ended but then had to walk another couple of miles to the Campsite‎ in the town of Innerleithen. It was a small but well supplied town, in that it had a large Co-op in which I stocked up. I love the Co-op, and have decided that if I ever leave the comfort and convenience of city life there has to be a co-op near by to make it bearable.

In Traquair there was a pipe
band competition taking place. Thankfully I didn’t hear it (one bagpipe I can deal with but a whole band sounds painful), but I did see the hundreds of young and old men dressed in kilts and smart jackets. It made me want to wear a kilt, if only so as I can carry that cool looking knife in one of my socks.

The campsite‎, like the town of Innerleithen itself, was surrounded on all sides by a 360 degree backdrop of massive craggy hills. As well as being scenic it also meant I could tell that rain was probably on the way because of the big dark clouds sulking around. Once forced inside my tent by the rain I couldn’t see the point of going back out again and instead settled in for an early night, tired out by the 18+ miles I had done that day. Even the sound of the school party camped next to me (a group of whom I had walked past on the hill) couldn’t stop my snoozing. I should have spent the time catching up with my blog buy I felt sooo tired that I let myself drift away. Another reason behind the delay in these posts!

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1 Response to “LEJOG46: Melrose to Innerleithen”

  1. 1 Jenna June 21, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    you could put your beloved sheathed plastic knife into your bridgedales? almost there…

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