LEJOG45: Jedburgh to Melrose

Sorry for the massive delay in the posts-I got a bit sidetracked and tired from the ongoing effort of the walk. To catch up I’ll have to do more concise accounts (promise!) of the last week or so.

Leaving Jedbrugh I joined the old roman road again. By now it had become a lovely walled track occasionally lined by trees inbetween fields. It was nice but felt like it was longer than shown on the map, probably because I expected it to be shorter due to it’s straightness.

At one point I passed a saw mill where over the buzzing sound of wood being chopped I could hear a pair of bagpipes being played in the background. This wasnt idyllic, this was creepy in a kind of Celtic-‘Deliverence’ type way. I kept expected some hill-billy like scots to jump out from behind a tree and drag me back to there mill where they’d play a tune ok me. As I turned off the roman road I saw the person and instrument responsible for the sound standing in a yard outside one of the mill buildings. I waved nervously and scampered off on the other direction.

A minute later i saw a deer running and jumping through a big field of long grass. It looked unreal, partly because the field was so immaculate and not the place you’d expect to
see a massive wild animal, but also partly because of the way the deer was taking a long jump after every couple of strides. I didn’t realise was how deer ran and it look pretty spectatcular and slightly excessive, like it was maybe doing it for effect.

I attempted to take a short-cut from the route where it followed the bend in the River Tweed, but mainly succeeded in getting a little lost and walking the opposite direction to that which I needed to go in. After a bit of bother, frustration and self-chastisement I worked out where I was and where i needed to be.

I made it to the Eildon hills, two big brown-y green buggers sitting between me and melrose. They looked really cool and in any other situation I be clammering to get to the top, but today I just wanted to get to my next port. The sun was shining and I was imagining relaxing in it with a beer in my hand. It was quick, steep and sweaty but I made it over via the saddle between the two and descended into Melrose, which I found to be a lovely little town. There was even a little wine bar with seats onto the town square where I sat, read my book and enjoyed a bottle of cold local beer. Marvellous, and not something I’d done enough of on this trip so far. Now can you see why my blog has got so behind recently?

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