LEJOG44: Bryness to Jedburgh

The morning was a bit of a faff as I tried to avoid packing up my stuff in the little ball of midges that were hanging around the entrance to my tent. This meant carrying everything over to a nearby barn and packing it there, which was about the most inefficient method ever. At one point I got paranoid that my hydration bladder was leaking so I attempted to unpack everything to double check. There was no leak and the main outcome of this activity was frustrating myself even further. My body might be match fit but my brain was obviously going to take a while to re-set.

The walk involved climbing up steep wooded hill sides until you got back to the big hills covered in moorland, from which point the Penine way crossed by border ridge while my route followed an ancient roman road – dere street – practically all the way to Jedburgh. The weather was initially dark with intermittant showers, and from my lofy position i could see a series of rainy clouds spread out over the hills below. I managed to get lost almost immediately I left the Penine way which was doubly ironic because I’d been reading my ‘navigation for walkers’ book the night before. After a little tantrum the likes if which I’d not seen since the first few weeks of the walk I worked out where I was and got back on course.

The hills were lovely on the way out, big yellowy green furry slug-like monsters each one with personality tweaks all of their own. Unfortunately they receeded pretty quick as I entered the lowlands of the Borders, which was made up of big undulating green fields. It was very nice, especially now the weather had smarted up it’s act and the sun had come out, but it wasn’t the hills – I think my legs were pretty glad about the change tho. I bumped into a couple of guys and said hello – and low and behold the replies were in scottish accents! I really was in a different county now!

Getting to Jedburgh was pretty uneventful, although once there I bumped into the two dusty lookig lads I’d seen in Bellingham. I got chatting to one of them and it turned out that they really were the remaints of the three boys and a dog I’d heard about all those weeks ago in exmoor. I found out that they looked dirty because they were wild camping, and not only that but wild eating as well. The guy claimed he’d eaten four rabbits so far, either killed by his own hands or ‘road kill’. Apparently they had fallen out with the third guy (the one with the dog) and ‘had to get rid of him’. I didn’t dare ask how.

Full credit to them; they were incredibly enthusiastic and doing some pretty tough mileage (although one guy had hurt the tendons in his leg as a result of the over-exertion), sometimes walking over 12 hours a day, but it did appear as if they’d gone feral as a result of their approach. I on the other hand went to a lovely small campsite‎ that nighy run by an extremely friendly couple who made me a cup of tea as soon as I got there. I know which way I’d prefer to be doing it.

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5 Responses to “LEJOG44: Bryness to Jedburgh”

  1. 1 Jenna June 14, 2009 at 9:28 am

    watch out. you better keep moving quickly otherwise the feral hikers might mistake you for road kill. eek

  2. 2 hianta June 16, 2009 at 10:23 am

    just read this, regarding midges :

    – skin so soft, from avon : so slippery they cant stick to you and bite
    – something called “formula jungle” that you can buy in local shops

    after you’ve been bitten
    – tegarome from the doctor Valnet
    – toothpaste!

    good luck dear Brendan.

  3. 3 Chris Bangs June 16, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Hey mate,

    This is truely increadible that you’re doing! Big respect. Sorry haven’t been in contact previously, been deep in this soundtrack for Tinge’s 12 part sci-fi drama! Been really enjoying your blog though. Quite lovely writing and a very enjoying read, feel like I’m there!

    Hope your bearing up, (you must have legs of pure muscle and soles like rhino hind!)

    Lots of love,

    Chris (and Ting and Ella)xxx

  4. 4 Chris Bangs June 16, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    BTW Blinding update on kids with Dog!

  5. 5 Dave June 21, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    Few days since that post, maybe the ferals got you already?
    But seriously, still hoping to meet about July 12/13. Do you have any Duty Free requests? Keep on keeping on,
    Love Dave

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