LEJOG41: Alston to Greenhead

I spent a lovely rest day on Sunday joining the rest of the country in just mooching about and enjoying the sun. Newcastle/Gateshead looked lovely and everybody was in good spirits.

Monday was still very sunny. I rejoined my route at Alston and made an executive decision to make a bit of a short cut by waking along the road rather than loop the looping around it for several miles. As soon as I rejoined the path I was reminded of why road walking is so much quicker. Bogs might be easier to cross during hot sunny weather but they’re still bogs and require a degree of negotiation. In this heat they did offer a new benefit. Every step on spongy boggy surface would ellicit little spots of water that splattered my bear legs and cooled them down a little. It was also quite a pleasurable sensation.

I passed meadows and moors, all looking lovely in the sun but also blurring into all the other sun-lit meadows and moors I had crossed in the past few days. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.

I bumped into Stewart at one point hiding behind a dry stone wall eating his lunch. It was nice to see him and great to see that he had almost made it to the end. I couldn’t stop for long though as I was aiming to meet a bus in Greenhead that would get me back to Gateshead for another night under a proper roof.

The nearer I got to Greenhead the slower I seemed to take. Right at the end I decided to take a short cut via a series of footpaths shown on my maps. The further I went the more uncertain I felt about my precise location on the map, until it got to a point where I really didn’t have a clue where I was. This was really frustrating because I must have been so close to the village and bus stop and yet probably too far to get to the stop in time for my bus, all due to my clever short cut idea.

I popped out of a wood to find myself by the side of a busy A road. A quick check of the map revealed that I’d overshot my destination, resulting in a sinking of my heart. I would now probably have to wait another wait for a bus, which was in turn going to take almost an hour and a half: bugger.

Then fortune smiled on me. As I walked along the road I noticed what looked like a bus stop a couple of metres ahead hidden behind low hanging tree branches. It turned out to be my bus stop. By a massive stroke of luck I’d inadvertantly got lost in the direction of my route to a warm bed. This was proof that things do go right somedays; they’d have to to make up for the times they went wrong Sent from my iPhone

1 Response to “LEJOG41: Alston to Greenhead”

  1. 1 Mum June 3, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    Delighted to hear that the bears you left in the pub garden in Devon(?) have come back to help you on your way.

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