LEJOG34: Thornton-in-Craven(ish) to Malham

After a lovely rest day relaxing in the Mattinson’s conservatory, it was back on the road. I had swapped my travelling companion from Pete to Jenna, which had two key benefits. The first was that I wasn’t constantly scurrying behind someone else. The second was that Jenna had grown up in this area and had insider’s knowledge of some of it’s knooks an crannies.

It was a glorious sunny day and we made our way back up to Pinhaw Head in the morning. Ironically the better weather made the view a bit hazy and not as good as the previous day; I’m finding it quite interesting to see how the weather can completely transform a view and experience of the landscape, almost as if the land had many different faces that get shown only on different occasions. As a result im really looking forward to going back to many of the places I’ve already visited. This is actually quite a turnaround for me as I used to thrive on novelty and felt that going to the same place twice was a waste of an opportunity to go somewhere different.

We made our way down to Thornton-in-Craven and then started walking along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. It was idyllic and I thought it couldn’t get better but then it did. At East Marton Jenna used her local knowledge to point us in the direction of a small cafe right by the canal that not only sold little bottles of cold rose wine but also the most amazing bacon baps featuring thick sliced slightly char-grilled bacon on soft white rolls with a thin and crunchy crust. It was up there with the bacon bap I had in the peaks, and I couldn’t think of any better mid morning snack on such a day.

For the next couple of hours we trod across a series of pleasant and undulating fields, stopping off at Gargrave for a pint and co-op stop. If I had been on my own and the weather hadn’t been so nice it would have been quite a mundane route, but as it was we really enjoyed ourselves.

Then the PW joined the side of Malham Beck on the way into Malham, and it got seriously pretty. A winding stream glistening in the sun with trees, green fields, ponies and wild flowers on each side. It was starting to get busier as well, with picnic-ers and walkers everywhere. You could tell you were on the way to something.

That ‘something’ made itself very apparent when we rounded the last hillocks of the day. After miles of relative flatness suddenly there were massive hills on the horizon, covered in green grass and grey rocky walls and crags. In the middle was a wide strip of rock stretching from hill top to
bottom, which I knew was Malham Cove.

However, we didn’t go that far on this day and instead mooched around Malham. It was crawling as you’d expect on a bank holiday Sunday, and a special ‘Animal Safari’ had been put on to occupy the kids with outsized papermache animals hiding around every corner. Jenna thought them amazing and went looking to see how many she could find. I found them a bit sinister in the sloppiness, like the drawings of children’s nightmares come alive and hiding behind a dry-stone wall.

We got a lift back thanks to Jenna’s Auntie Nan, and stopped off in Settle to have some lovely fish and chips before crashing back at home due to feeling sun kissed and tired through.

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