LEJOG28: Thorpe to Youlgreave

On saturday I was joined by Claire and Dan, two very good friends who had driven up from London for the weekend to walk with me (and see Dan’s family in nearby Stoke). This meant a bit of a lie in for me on top of the previous early night while I waited for their arrival, which was an extra bonus.

The first bit of our journey passed through Dovedale, one of the prettiest and most popular dales in the Peak district. The long grass was full of little purple orchids bringing an extra element of colour to the greens of tv foliage and greys of the rocky crags around us. I was very pleased that the dates had worked out such that I got to share this section with others. If it had been the staffordshire way I’d have felt embarassed.

As we wound our way though the route I was reminded of the way in which Claire is so full of energy sometimes that she can’t help but constantly burst into intermittantly tuneful songs when walking. I also realized that the following week during half term she was going to join me for three days on the Penine Way, and that after a while this might become a contentious issue. I went to ask Dan, her husband, how I could manage this. He just laughed at both me and my question. I can see I’ll have some adjusting to do.

We passed through some slightly less lovely higher ground and then descended back into a series of Dales. The weather was showery but the periods of sunshine following the bursts of rain were enough to dry our clothes quickly and keep everybody in good spirits. We finally entered Youlgreave via a lovely wooded river with a series of wiers and passing by gurdy-fest, a festival in the local village hall dedicated to the hurdy gurdy instrument. The eminating sounds were haunting-both strange and familiar like all good folk music. Very cool.

We got a taxi back to Thorpe and then went back to Dan’s parents home.

I was especially happy and contented as I now had my first rest day for nearly two weeks, and a lovely warm and dry home and good company to spend it with.

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1 Response to “LEJOG28: Thorpe to Youlgreave”

  1. 1 andy B May 20, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Hi. Good to see you’re doing well I followed your blog when I was in St Petersburg last week. I am worried about your lack of waterproof footwear though. At the point I started using plastic bags in my boots on a walk in Scotland I felt it was getting v dodgy. And it was. Is there any way you could get a waterproof pair? Alternatively you could buy some ‘seal skin’ socks. These stay dry when the boots pack up. Just remember your emotions don’t reside in your heart but in your warm and dry tiny toes. It’s a medical fact. Trust me, I’m a doctor. all the best andy x
    PS the socks aren’t made from dead baby seals, honest.

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