LEJOG24: Much Wenlock to Shifnal

Apologies for the further delay, this has been due to a combination of tiredness and my wordpress iPhone app completely packing up and crashing whenever I open it. My workaround is to write my posts as emails and send them to the support team back home I upload. This might mean further delays, but hopefully no as bad as last week.

In order to catch up I’m going to offer more concise posts for last week. Luckily in most cases there isn’t as much for me to talk about. Tuesday’s walk between Much Wenlock and Shifnal is a case in point. The weather was lovely starting out, no condensation and practically no dew due to the early sunshine. For a change I set off at my intended time of 8:00 as I seemed to have finally got my head getting ready and packed up without wasting loads of time faffing about.

The first section as quite pleasant, walking along and down benthall edge which was a wooded escarpment similar to wenlock edge. Again there was little view except for a sudden break in the trees which revealed a massive cooling tower in the plain below. It was startling cos I had little realisation that here was a massive power station just to my left all that time.

The route then passed through Ironbridge, a picturesque town built on the two steeply sloping sides of a wooded gorge, connected by a lovely Victorian-looking iron bridge. I crossed the gorge further along the river at coalport after passing a few lowly looking pubs.

This was a really lovely section as there’s something very relaxing about following a river and passing the pubs and cafes which overlook it. You feel a part of both human life and nature, and the water keeps you cool and helps you enjoy the sunshine more.

Which is why it as so disapponting to leave Coalport and enter an extremely flat landscape covered in massive and monotonous prairie fields. It was boring and pointless, i’d have preferred to walk for hours through the concreate jungle of Thamesmead. It was only the thought of getting to the end of my day at lunchtime that propelled me on. I had quite a lot of limbo-ing to do as I negotiated a series of electric fences. I failed to work out exactly what the farmer intended for walkers to do and so ended up doing some minor tresspassing, by I’m sure nobody would have minded.

By the time I got to Shifnal it was 2pm and I was elated: an entire afternoon stretched promisingly ahead of me. I felt l was winning in my eternal battle against the route. That night I was staying in Stourbridge at the hospitality of my Godmother Clare and I caught the train to Wolverhampton where I waited in a cavenous weatherspoons to meet her partner John who was going to help me navigate the west midlands transport system to get to their home. In the pub I had a chat with some locals who seemed very impressed by my efforts. I appreciate this reaction when it happens because it gives me a little boost and reminds me that I am doing something quite special which is quite easy to forget when your bogged down in the type of mundane landscape as I was that day.

Once again I was very looked after, and had a lovely dinner with them and the three kids. Its one of the unexpected benefits of my trip
that i’m getting to spend time with people who i havent seen in ages. I’m especially appreciative of Grace who gave up her room to give me a place to sleep-thanks again! I retired early-while it hadn’t been a long day the sun and air had knocked me for six. I slept a very contented sleep that night.

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1 Response to “LEJOG24: Much Wenlock to Shifnal”

  1. 1 karen May 18, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    hi brendan-thinking about you when it rains again….
    don’t forget to give us a projected date o when you are in the hadrians wall area so that we ca try and fix you up to stay with our friends there

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