LEJOG22: Kington to Knighton

Today Offa’s Dyke wound it’s way between a series of large-ish green hills. They weren’t the biggest I’d ever seen but the fact they were so fertile made them very striking, like the countryside on steroids. I got a sense that this is what the Shropshire countryside was going to be like, which perked my interest. There was a twist of wildness in the pastoral landscape, an element of magic and danger that made it subtly different from the purely ‘pleasant’ countryside.

Right at the beginning of the day we were overtaken by a guy who I’m sure was David, the other walker doing the 60 day itinerary similar to Gaz except with a rest every Sunday. He hurtled past us muttering apologies about the fact he didn’t have time to stop and talk and soon disappeared into the distance. It made me feel more justified with my route-if I had to keep that pace I personally would feel under constant pressure and nobody would be able to accompany me as mum and Jenna were this weekend.

There was also a lot more of the actual dyke on display today, variously in the form of a ditch or a bank or even both. This made certain stretches feel steeped in a non-specific aura of history; you didn’t necessarily know what the events surrounding the developments were, but you got a taste of another far away time when such constructions performed vital functions.

I would rate the day as medium-to-good, better than the first two days but not up there with the ridge walk or the two hills yesterday. The hills-on-steroids made the landscape interesting and in places dramatic. In fact ok the basis of the first five days I would say of Offa’s Dyke that when it’s good it’s fantastic, when it’s bad it’s just pleasant. I’d be interested to know what the northern section was like if anybody knows?

Me and mum made good progress and the weather was quite similar to the previous day, bustery and sunny with moments of rain and darkness. We got a little lost on top of a hill where all the fences and gates blurred together, but soon sorted ourselves out.

We got to Knighton about 10 minutes before the offa’s dyke center closed. Disappointinly that’s all you really needed. I felt there should be something much more impressive and detailed to chronicle this histoically significant feat of engineering. Hadian’s wall is showered with stuff, but then maybe it’s a more important site so there’s lots more to talk about.

We all had a lovely dinner that night at the Tram Inn, a pub restaurant whoose décor was a mish-mash of front room, gastro pub and silver service. I loved it, and the food was pretty good as well. Jenna found a cat who resembles her own and so was in seventh heaven. Once again, the repeatitive beats coming from the fair ground couldn’t keep me awake, stuffed as I was full of good walking, good food and good wine. I think these two should join me more often, I could get used to this!

2 Responses to “LEJOG22: Kington to Knighton”

  1. 1 sue wood May 12, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    glad to see the blog back….really missed it the few days you didn’t write it. sounds like offas is going well. is it hergest ridge tomorrow? hope you enjoy that as much as the two hills at the beginning of the week. i love it. it’s a real watership down.
    love sue
    ps: am interested in the beard…..it doesn’t seem to be taking on the proportions you feared. you ought to look at least like gandalf by now….

    • 2 brendanbolger May 12, 2009 at 8:28 pm

      Ironically hergest ridge was one of the two hills I really liked-good to hear you were impressed by it as well!

      I gave the beard a trim while I was In Derbyshire for the bank holiday weekend, otherwise it would be alot more intense by now. It doesn’t go as long as gandalf, more matted and spongey like a mattress

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