LEJOG19: Monmouth to Pandy

There were a couple of things I neglected to mention yesterday. Firstly that I am being looked after for two nights by Karen and Dave, two old family friends I don’t think I’ve seen in over 20 years, who now live in Abergervenney close by the Offa’s Dyke Path. It was nice to catch up after all these years and meet their boys who are now twice as old as i was when I last saw their parents.

Secondly that Gaz had already heard about me before we met up thanks to the guys at Magic Cove Campsite‎ who have been following the blog. Thanks guys, sorry I couldn’t make it to your place in the end!

Today was a relatively easy day consisting mostly of rolling green meadows. Too many days like this and I would become bored, but it was nice to switch off for a bit.

Highlights consisted of dropping down into a small orchard which was just coming into bloom. It was lovely, like a frozen snow storm of green leaves, light pink petals and bright red buds.

Another highlight was visiting White Castle, an ancient norman castle. It had humungous towers in each corner and looked like it could have defended itself against a nuclear bomb. The interior had crumbled away but the exterior still stood proudly and strongly. It was also in this place that I first tasted welsh cakes, lovely flat scone-like floury cakes full of sweet dried fruit. I was starving and they were perfect for satisfying my desires for both sugar and stodge.

On a sader note the route was covered in fliers for somebody called Mike who had gone missing less than a week earlier. The person doing the flyering had obviously targeted Offa’s Dyke path which made me wonder whether this guy had gone missing while doing the trail. Fingers crossed he’s ok, the possibility that I could be walking in his footsteps made me feel a closer connection.

The final highlight was saved right until the end. Throughout the afternoon I could see the dark hazy distant forms of the mountains I was due to be covering the following day. In the last hour of the day I climbed a hill and suddenly found them laid out proudly before me covered in light; they had snuck up on me while I was exploring the valleys below. They looked like huge hairy brown slugs stretched out, sitting on a beds of green patchwork fields. I was excited, and knew that tomorrow was going to be a special day.

2 Responses to “LEJOG19: Monmouth to Pandy”

  1. 1 calum, gaelle & neeve May 9, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Ciao Brendonian !

    How are you?
    Have you been recieving our motivating text messages? (if not text me if your number has changed).
    We just want to say we are proud of you! We are following you on your route. It’s character building, but I’m jealous not to be doing the same challenge, you will be even more of a man after this !
    Your web site is catching much attention here in Italy! I have some other firends who are now following your blog and being inspired to do something similar. Keep those little legs moving!
    Maybe your next chjallenge is to wlak to Italy, last time you were here I remember you were not able to walk!!!! Spritz !!! Okay, and also Ollie was not the best influence!
    Anyway, when you are finished you are more than welcome to come here and spend some time relaxing on the beach.
    Unfortunatly your routes by-pass all my family for you to stay with someone, but when you cross that border into beautiful Scotland, just mention my name and people will look after you!
    Take care of yourself, we are enjoying reading your blogs and proud of you.
    Lots of love the highlander & family xxxxx

    • 2 brendanbolger May 12, 2009 at 8:38 pm

      Unfortunately I haven’t been receiving your texts but my number hasent changed – it’s still 07751082300.

      Thanks for your lovely words-I’m flattered to think there are people in Italy inspired by me.

      Id love to come and see u all as soon as I can-I’ll call when get back.

      Looking forward to finally getting your inspirational texts

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