LEJOG04: St Agnes to Trevarrian

The weather forecast had predicted some pretty attrocious weather for today. I didn’t feel fully prepared and decided that another night in a B&B would help slide me into things more gradually. I would have to start using the tent pretty soon as otherwise the trip would bankrupt me, but at the moment it was a wise investment.

So when I woke up and it wasn’t raining I had mixed feelings. I almost wanted it to be horrific to justify my expense. I set off pre-emptively covered in waterproofs, and started sweating within minutes due to the extra insulation it provided.

My goal that morning was to reach the next costal town, Perranporth, by 10am to meet up with my mum who’s down from London to spend time with friends and some time with me. Getting there involved a landscape that more resembled a moor, covered as it was in dark heathers and scrub. The significant difference from a moor was the way the land suddenly disappeared to my left where the cliff started, which made it feel less oppressive and fresher than moors can. Pretty soon the rain started, which brought out the colours in everything and made me feel a bit better about my decisions.

I made it for 10 and spent a while batting with my mum and Sue, an old friend she’s staying with for the week. Despite the rain my mum decided to accompany me for the day, and Sue offered to relieve me of the heavier items in my bag, which was much appreciated. I’ve never carried such a weight around before and I’m really wary of giving myself some minor injury that would cause umpteen problems on the trip.

From Perranporth to Newquay we crossed a number of coves with amazing beaches that were completely deserted due to the weather. However from inside our gore-ted shells they still looked beautiful, even more so for the desolation and the way the rain blurred the edges between the sky, sea and land. If anythig the inclement weather made it all much more exhilerating.

I felt very lucky to have this opportunity and realized that the way we experience the land is not just restricted by our work but conditioned by it. We generally only have small windows of time in which we can get out, and these small windows overlap with other people’s small windows, which mean everywhere is crammed whenever we get the chance to see it. This creates a very specific experience of the landscape which is as much about the crowd as the geology. Seeing it in this different context was refreshing and relaxing.

1 Response to “LEJOG04: St Agnes to Trevarrian”

  1. 1 jenna April 16, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    ..also, i would say, that the you feel privileged seeing the land in that rain obscured way. Naturally often people hide indoors in the rain which is more comfy but actually they are missing out. doing this you can’t hide. no matter what – you’re out – and that is very different to life. the inverse in fact when, when no matter what, you are in. you have no choice. this walk is therefore like work only inside out and so much better. HA!

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