LEJOG01: Land’s End to Treen, 15 miles

All momentous journeys start with a sign. St Paul at Damascus, Haley’s comet in 1066, Luke Skywalker’s holo email from Princess Leia.

Mine was crawling out of my sleeping bag this morning and finding that the socks and pants I’d left hanging up in the tent’s porch had turned stiff as a board. As soon as I went outside I found out why-overnight there had been a frost and the grass and surrounding tents had been given crisp daz-white highlights. I’m not sure what this sign meant-maybe that I’m mad and stupid to be attempting to conquer a small part of nature by trying to traverse it-but it was definitely a sign.

As a result we had to wrap up very warm while we made our porridge and packed our bags full of calourific goodies for the day ahead. By the time I got in the taxi to land’s end my fingers were ok but my toes were still feeling decidedly numb.

We arrived at Land’s End early, so early in fact that the mini theme park tourist trap that exists on the penisular wasn’t open yet. It was pretty eerie walking around the ‘Doctor Who Experience’ and ‘Lands End Trading Company’ surrounded by the long shadows of the morning sun; I was expecting adoring crowds for my start-in reality I couldn’t even get a coffee.

The day might have started out chilly but within a hour it had definitely warmed up. The cloudless sky which had brought the frost now offered unadulterated sunshine and amazing views of the beautiful craggy Cornish coast. The winds off the ocean kept things fresh for most of the day which was pretty handy as the route was very up-and-down, but luckily the effort was always paid off with an amazing view.

Unsurprisingly everybody we passed, and we passed tons of people due to it being Easter Sunday, was happy. ‘Lovely weather’ was a common greeting, several people inquired about our walking poles and whether it was worth getting a pair (‘great’ and ‘yes’ were my replies to them and anybody else who is curious), and one couple even promised to look at the website. Hello if you’re put there!

To be honest if every day of this journey was like this everybody would be doing it. And I’m going to pay for it as well-the forecast to tomorrow (maybe the next week) is rain. Boo. Luckily in the meantime I’ve ordered ham, egg and chips. Let the good times roll!

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