Almost there…

First of all thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far, your generosity is much appreciated. I’m sure everybody else is just waiting until I start to make sure that it’s not a joke and that I really am going to do this before pledging their cash. An added incentive is that everybody who sponsors me gets a postcard from alone my route as a token of my gratitde. That’s gotta be worth a tenner of anybody’s money!

We caught the early 7:30am train from Paddington yesterday (Good Friday) to make the most of the day. Unfortunately so did half of London and the train was packed, with people sitting in the aisles and loudly complaining about the state of the trains (slightly unfairly given that the real reason for their discomfort was their own lack of planning and pre-booked tickets).

The weather on the way down was ominous, with threatening dark clouds hangin over the south west. However by the time we got to Penzance it was lovely, if a bit breezy. Our campsite‎ was equally lovely although it took us a while to get there due to the deficiencies of bank holiday bus services. Once we had the tent set up and could get down to the coast for a stroll it was 5:30pm, almost 12 hours since we set out. It felt like we were a long way from home and anywhere else, standing on a jaggerd landscape covered in the ruins of old tin mines with a million miles of sea pounding on the cliffs below.

Today is/was intended to be uneventful. We went into the local village of St Just to get supplies and leach off somebody’s wifi for last minute logistics. This became a bit more of a mission due to the scarcity of buses over the bank holiday weekend and the fact that I had to run back to the campsite because I though I’d left a memory stick in the tent when actually I hadn’t. This resulted in a lot of time and effort being wasted running around like a headless chicken when it could have been spent on the much more worthwhile task of lying in the sun doing nothing. This flapping doesn’t bode entirely well for my venture, and I can imagine my mum and various members of my family rolling their eyes at my uselessnes.

However, I did get a kinda piece of encourgement when I popped into the British legion to use their wifi. I explained my challenge to the people at the bar and received a wide-eyed look that i think was a mix of being impressed at what i was doing with incredulity at the idea that I was able to do it. One guy turn round to me and said “well, if you’re not fit now, you will be by the end of it.”

I’m now back at the coast looking out at the sea having a beer and writing this and starting to get properly excited. The weather is predicted to be lovely tomorrow and I can’t wait to get started. I just hope my little legs can take it!

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