Things that go bump in the night

Another night in the tent, this time with all the vents open. As a result the inner was dry-yay!-while the inside of the outer was covered in pretty little droplets of moisture glistening in the light (obviously I’m going to have to be v careful about touching the inside of the inner).

It wasent as cold last night and I had a good nights sleep once I did drop off. Only problem as that the wind was blowing so hard that the bushes and trees were contantly rustling, which led to me getting intensely paranoid (‘paranoid’ as in the grown-up version of ‘scared’) about some madman being in the garden and about to break into the tent and murder me. The local wind chimes only hightened the feeling by adding erie musical motifs to my fear.

I’m sure I’ll be fine once I’m in the countryside-no serial killers there. I’m sure everything will be OK…

2 Responses to “Things that go bump in the night”

  1. 1 Laura April 10, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    I really like the noise of the wind (if it is not too strong and you worry you are going to get blown away) the noise of a stream nearby or the rain on the tent as long as you remain dry (keep practicing NOT touching the sides). It is well known that mad axe murderers don’t really go after campers on the middle of wild moors unless they are teenage and female- have you not watched any horror movies??
    Watch out for sheep who like to nuzzle up during the night though-they are just trying to get shelter from the wind

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