There goes the fear

I spent another night in the tent, and despite adding a silk liner and wearing my thermals it was still a bit nippy. When I woke up the tent was again sodden with condensation and I had wet hair from where the moisture had settled on my head. It’s quite bizarre to see the amount you sweat during the night being captured and quantified in this way. I zipped back indoors to get changed and was reminded just how cosy and warm life could be with the assistance I central heating, walls and a roof.

Not for the first time did I think ‘why?’. Having gone through the excitement of anticipation and the anxiousness surrounding organsation, I’m now entering the valley of fear. Can I do it? Will I be able to carry the pack? Will I be miserable from the isolation and discomfort? Should i have done more training? Is this the stupidest use of a sabattical ever?

On the one hand the fear is good. It shows that I’m not complacent and respect the challenge ahead of me. The fact it’s something I can be scared of proves it will be a real achievement once I finish it.

On the other hand I was cold and uncomfortable last night, add being tired from days of walking into the mix, and you potentially have a recipe for an excruciating three months.


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