He Dreamt Of Maps

With only a week to go the pressure is on to sort out the logistics before I leave. This involves searching for campsites, hostels and B&Bs on my route. Not an easy task and one requiring a mixture of maps (googlemaps, Harveys, Explorers and Landrangers), brouchures, pdf print-outs and google searches. It’s mental – like putting together a jig saw whose picture keeps on shifting every time you put a piece down. However, as a result I will become an expert on the campsites of Britain. maps6


Thanks to everybody who has lent me maps, its been v helpful and I’ve managed to plan all the way up to practically Scotland while only needing to buy one extra Landranger from my list.  Now I really need help getting from Jedburgh to Glasgow, so any maps you could send my way would be most appreciated!

PS The little belly you can see poking out above my belt is something I hope to lose along the way – I’ll keep you posted as to its progression.

2 Responses to “He Dreamt Of Maps”

  1. 1 Laura April 3, 2009 at 10:23 am

    Have got OS Landranger 64 “Glasgow and surrounding Area” if you want it I can send it or give it to you in Peak District

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