Every now and again you get a sneaking suspicion that maybe you are not as individual as you think. Maybe you are just as cliched as the people – whether uber-trendy Hoxtonites or Ernold Same-suburbanites – who astonish you with their lack of self-awareness. It’s a bit like the Mitchell and Webb sketch where the Nazi officer notices the skull and cross bones on his uniform and asks “Hans, are we the baddies?”

I saw this note at work and suddenly had this feeling. I wanted to ask my colleague “Luke, are we the Nathan Barleys?”

I don’t mean that to be entirely derogatory (for one thing i’m on the list as an iphone owner!). We’re not horible, bad people, we have our place in the world and play our part just like everyone else. But I have to admit we have more than our fair share of pretentiousness, and we are easy to shake your head and mutter things like “bloody Londoners”.

This is probably one of the reasons behind me going and living in a tent for three months. It’s going from one extreme to another-a loft in soho to a field in Derbyshire. All or nothing.

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