Chocolate fireguard anyone?

Last night’s experiment was made even more real by the fact that it rained constantly. My mum laughed at the sheer ridulousness of the situation as I put on my jarmers and got ready to brave the outdoors. My resolve as strong however-I reasoned that if I couldn’t do it in my mum’s garden then how could I do it in campsites up and down the country?

The mattress was fine once it had inflated-not the most comfortable thing in the world but good enough. I still need to work on a pillow tho. Unfortunately the real problem that emerged was the tent itself-the Hilleburg Akto that according to my research is meant to be the best one-man tent (and had better be for the price I paid!).

All during the night I half noticed that the sides of the inner tent were damp in places. When I awoke I realized they were damp everywhere, as was my sleeping bag.

Upon inspecting the tent I found that the outside of the inner tent and the inside of the flysheet were completely covered in glistening droplets of moisture. So much so that they looked like they had been rained on.

I’ve tried to capture this with my iPhones amazingly sophisticated camera-hopefully the pictures below make sense. The first two are from outside the tent and the last two are taken inside-the rest are trying to show the layer of moisture between inner (yellow fabric) and outer (green fabric).

This can’t be due to me touching the sides of the tent as I wasen’t able to touch all of it. I’d be shocked if it were condensation as there seems way too much. My initial thoughts are that the tent hasen’t been given it’s waterproofing, which seems like a really important part of the tent construction process to forget!

I’m going to contact the tent maker and supplier today and see if they can offer me an explanation and/or replacement-it going to be a bit of a disaster if my tent leaks for 90 days as a non-waterproof tent is a bit like a chocolate fireguard.

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